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Brooks Campbell
32838 The Old Road, Santa Clarita, California 91384
(661) 993-8797 Online portfolio at
Member of the 839 Animation Guild, California Art Club, and the The Oil Painters of America.

Presently at WALT DISNEY ANIMATION – SOFIA THE FIRST, 3D Visual Development, Key Color Storyboard, Character, Texture, Matte Painter Also for TVA Key Background – Fox & The Hound II – Key Background/Conceptual Artist – Jungle Book II – Key Background/Conceptual Artist, Lion King 1 1/2. – Key Background Artist. Darkwing Duck, Little Mermaid •Software – Traditional and Digital Paint, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects.

TECHNICOLOR – 2D LIVE ACTION TO 3D STEREO CONVERSTION, frame-by-frame stereo paint fix and clean plating, depth mapping – KUNG FU PANDA •Software – Nuke

STEREO D – 2D LIVE ACTION TO 3D STEREO CONVERSTION, frame-by-frame stereo paint fix and clean plating, depth mapping, – Gullivers Travels, The Green Hornet, Thor. •Software – Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop, VDX.

MOONSCOOP – 3D Visual Development, Character, Texture, Matte Painter – ZHU ZHU PET MOVIES I and II •Software – Storyboarded in Sketchbook pro, HD editing – Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, Matte painting – Adobe Photoshop, Composting and FX finalized in Adobe After Effects, There are presently two distribution offers under consideration for this project.

GANG OF 7 – Key 3D Character Color, Texture Paint – The Santa Clause Project •Software – Adobe Photoshop.

IMAGI STUDIOS – Visual Development/Matte Painter – Astro Boy Director – David Bowers •Software – Adobe Photoshop, MAYA

DREAMWORKS FEATURE ANIMATION – Background /3D Map Artist, digital and traditional, feature film, Spirit – Director Kelly Asbury •Software – Traditional and Digital Paint, Adobe Photoshop, MAYA

WALT DISNEY FEATURE ANIMATION – Background Painter – Lion King, Director- Rob Minkoff Pocahontas Director- Eric Goldberg , Hunchback of Notre Dame Director- Gary Trousdale Background Development – Hunchback of Notre Dame •Software – Traditional and Digital Paint, Disney’s proprietary software – CAPS

WALT DISNEY Consumer Products – Aladdin, Bolt, Lion King, Monsters Inc., Poccahontas, Tinkerbell children’s books •Software – Traditional and Digital Paint, Adobe Photoshop

WALT DISNEY TOON STUDIO – Key Color Storyboard/Conceptual Artist – Tinkerbell •Software – Adobe Photoshop

SONY TELEVISION ANIMATION – Art Director/Background Supervisor – Key Background/Conceptual Artist, 2D/3D Character Color Lead, Texture Paint Lead – Stuart Little III, Boondocks •Software – Adobe Photoshop, MAYA

20TH CENTURY FOX – Production Illustrator/Vis-Dev/Character Design – Aliens In The Attic originally known as They Came From Upstairs – Director – Thor Freudenthal •Software – Adobe Photoshop

WAYANS BROTHERS Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans – Art Director – 3 minute music video – Wayans Bros. Animated Logo •Software – traditional and digital matte painting – Adobe Photoshop – Animation, Composting and FX finalized in Adobe After Effects

WARNER BROTHERS/UNIVERSAL/JULY FILMS – Background Artist, Digital Paint – Curious George •Software – Adobe Photoshop

WALT DISNEY IMAGING – Compositor – Rising Helen, Miracle, Mr. 3000 •Software – Adobe Photoshop, MAYA, Shake, Adobe After Effects

20TH CENTURY FOX – Production Illustrator/Storyboard – Flight Of The Phoenix– Director – John Moore Production designer – Nathan Crowley •Software – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects

WARNER BROTHERS FEATURE ANIMATION – 3D Lighter/Compositor – Scooby Doo The Movie Director – Raja Gosnell •Software – MAYA, Shake

STAN LEE MEDIA Stan Lee – Art Director/Digital Artist – Developed 3D interactive media, Character Design, Background Design, Storyboard •Software – Traditional and Digital Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Flash

WALT DISNEY FEATURE ANIMATION – Lighting/Compositing/EFX/Digital-BG Conceptual Artist, Traditional/Digital, Development, Dinosaur Director – Eric Leighton •Software – Softimage, Illusion, Matador

UNIVERSAL – Production Illustrator/Storyboard – Flintstones II
DIC TELEVISION ANIMATION 1989-1990, Background Painter

WROTE/PRODUCED/DIRECTED/MATTE PAINT/COMP/FX. Live Action feature thriller entitled “LADY BUG”. This is my third live action feature that I wrote, produced and directed.

WROTE/PRODUCED/DIRECTED/MATTE PAINT/COMP/FX. Live Action HD feature entitled “SUBPRIME”. This is my second live action feature that I wrote, produced and directed.

SULLIVAN ENTERTAINMENT – Director, Writer, Producer

Rupert Patterson Wants to be a Superhero
I self produced, completed and sold, to SULLIVAN ENTERTAINMENT, this feature length 35mm film -. Sullivan and the BBC used the concept for a television spin off – Super Rupert

Outside projects – Recently commissioned to paint six original oil paintings for television talk show host Dr. Phil’s Beverly Hills home. Disney Art Program- recreating lost backgrounds from classic Disney films: Snow White, Dumbo, Jungle Book, Fantasia, Beauty And The Beast. Disney Channel – Limited edition lithographs, Aladdin, Pocahontas. Advertising Illustration – Ocean Pacific, Coors, Coca Cola, Rolling Stone Magazine.

Thank you,
Brooks Campbell